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Summer Activities - Bummer Knees - 05-18-2011

I thought I would start this thread so we could post a little about what our families will be doing this summer.

I will start:

My June will be filled witht he summer program I coordinate.
This is a free program providing tutoring and speech therapy to children in our community.

With the cutbacks in school funding many school districts no longer have summer programs. This puts stress programs in place in the community.

Our program has 63 applications as of today with more expected in the mail. Last week I added a location for speech therapy.

Our summer program has been in place since 1985, never have the demands for services been so great. With the support of United Way we will be able to serve the children in our community.

RE: Summer Activities - jayne - 05-18-2011

My plans are to relax its been a tough year here...I have had the 2 grands here as well as my 3 and its been tough to spread my self so thin...I love them alot but I will be glad to give them back to their Daddy....I do have my garden out and with the help of the children and some rain when needed we will have a bumper crop of tomatoes to can....they are already a foot tall and I have one tomato about the size of a golf daughter and her kids come in from Germany on the 20th of June for a week then we have the 3rd of july summer picknic and then they start to go mid july things are in full swing in the garden and we are canning everyday if we are lucky..... by Aug its so hot tomatos are burnt to a crisp in the garden and if I didnt get enough greenbeans and squash canned early summer we will plant again if we did we are done.....and will plant a cover crop in the garden to keep the weeds from taking over....normally turnips....while I like raw turnips none of us will eat the greens or the cooked ones but the chickens will and it keeps the feed bill down in the winter.....come sept,oct we hope to head out camping for awhile and let our core family reconnect....its a busy summer....

RE: Summer Activities - Manley2 - 05-18-2011

This summer is going to be the biggest change in my life and just not sure how it's going to go. It's already been a bad luck kind of year. But in my daughters case the Lord sure turned that around.
I'm ready to be done with all this WC stuff but I'm not going to give in to them.
Hope everybody has a great summer

RE: Summer Activities - ammowoman - 05-18-2011

We will be staying close to home. With him not working, money needs to be spent on necessities. Layoffs at work but so far my 10 yrs there has me safe. I hope to volunteer time at the local shelter now that things are settling nto a routine. We will spend lots of time with the "grandpuppy".

RE: Summer Activities - AQA - 05-19-2011

I hope all enjoy thierselves. I will be doing the usual. I have class four days a week for ten weeks. That will be my summer.

RE: Summer Activities - Bummer Knees - 05-19-2011

I have a special interest involved with my volunteer work.

My Cody is a 6th grader and has Autism, his reading is about the 2nd grade level. This summer he will be in the tutoring program with the focus being on his reading.

RE: Summer Activities - UndercovrAngel - 05-22-2011

Randy and I have several trips planned for this summer as usual. The first will be to Richland,TX (suburb of Dallas/Ft Worth) the 3rd to 6th of June. Just a getaway to unwind after the school year is over (last day is the 27th). Due to budget cuts (over 4 billion) they laid of a bunch of teachers here, but due to Randy's tenure, he is just being relocated. They totally cut the program he heads at his school now, but will be setting him up to do the same thing, just in an elementary school that is less than .5 miles from our home.

Then in July we head for the Louisianna side of Caddo Lake for the annual old farts reunion (Randy and 3 of his high school buddies plus significant others). We are leaving the 6th and will stay the night in Uncertain,TX and head for Louisianna the morning of the 7th. We will be staying to the 11th. The we head for Vicksburg, MS and the Civil War battlefield. We will stay Monday and Tuesday, heading home on Wednesday.

The trial for the SOB that killed Vincent begins on the 11th. Randy has decided that he doesn't want to sit and listen through the entire trial,but wants to be there when the verdict is read and the moron sentenced. So we will probably head for Kansas on Thursday the 14th, depending upon what his momma tells us about the trial on Wednesday. Will probably be there through the weekend, so BK you can expect visitors around the 16th or 17th ~L~

After that, we have tentatively begun plans for a trip to CO and WY so Randy can meet some of my family and get to meet little Tori. If that goes through, we will leave here the 27th and return on the 1st of August. It will be an early birthday present for me. And Randy has to go back to work on the 8th, so that will give him a full week to play possum and relax.

Somewhere in there, I will begin making trips to a neurologist in Keller, TX. He is the closest in-network Dr that will take my medicare/medicaid. My pcp believes that I need new MRI's and possible surgery. If I do, it will have to be in whatever hospital the nuerologist is associated with, which means I will be there by myself.

So that is our summer in a nutshell Smile

Angel ^j^

RE: Summer Activities - Bummer Knees - 05-22-2011

July 16th/17th sounds good, how about you Jayne and Bodybuilder?

UA sounds like a budy summer, what is the surgery for?

RE: Summer Activities - jayne - 05-22-2011

check see what kind of deal you can get us at the same place we stayed before Bummer

RE: Summer Activities - UndercovrAngel - 05-22-2011

If it is as my PCP suspects, it would be for problems at the c4/c5, c5/c6 and c6/c7 as well as the herniated disc (I have a 4mm opening around my spine at that lever vs a normal 10mm) at T8/T9.

I am currently waiting for the referral to go through, so not sure when my first visit will be. But in the meantime, I am now seeing a therapist once a week and the psychiatrist once a month for my depression. I was put on cymbalta 30mg for 1 week, then up to 60 the 2nd week and 90 mgs a day begining the 3rd week. Not only is it useful for the depression, but as an off prescription use, it is good for neurological pain like I have with the RSD. So I am getting double the good out of it.

To help me sleep, she put me on 150 mgs of trazadone at night. And man what a difference. Where once I was sleeping only 2 to 3 hours a night, the first night I took it, I was in bed by 10:30pm and didn't wake until about 7:15 the next morning when Randy came in to tell me he was leaving for work. I then rolled back over and didn't wake up till 11:11 AMI am now averaging about 10 hours of sleep a night. I almost feel like the person I was before all the surgery and work comp issues arose.

Angel ^j^

(05-22-2011, 02:52 PM)Bummer Knees Wrote: July 16th/17th sounds good, how about you Jayne and Bodybuilder?

UA sounds like a budy summer, what is the surgery for?