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WC denied .injury not sufficient during employment? - hellokitty - 05-14-2011

I posted about 10 days ago. My husband's boss was denying WC but apparently he filed. A few days ago my husband was called into the office and was told that someone from Workman's Comp wanted to talk to him. On the phone they told him that his claim was being denied, because there were different versions of his story. My husband never spoke to anyone at Workman's comp and has never changed his story. Today in the mail I got a Denial of Worker's compensation claim due to : " claimant did not suffer a compensable injury by accident during the course and scope of his employment. This was in NC and my husband fell in his back coming down some steps that had cables and tools on them. He lost his balance and ended up on his back. He went to the doctor and the doctor ordered light duty. The job is a heavy duty job( mechanical contracting). How can he be denied a claim? Unless his boss is lying. I have 2 different lawyer interviews with hubby this coming week and I know i have to file a form #33 if I can't find a lawyer. Any help?

RE: WC denied .injury not sufficient during employment? - 1171 - 05-14-2011

carriers/employers are not required to accept any claim.
like i responded to your prior post, contact the fraud bureau.
making false statements to support or deny a claim is illegal.
you'll need a copy of the denial for use with regular health insurance.