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TURN IT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - jayne - 05-01-2011

I am so tired of the rain.....the local dam is flooding roads are under water...and still it rains and rains and the weather man says its gonna keep raining.....I now know how Noah felt being cooped up with all the animals and people....and nothing but water outside....

RE: TURN IT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - sweet tooth - 05-01-2011

PLEASE send some of it down my way we had a little shower out of that storm the other day but this sand sucked it up like a sponge how does the old song go? we need the rain Lord- send down the rain Lord, jayne needs relief and we could use it here in south ga

RE: TURN IT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Manley2 - 05-01-2011

It's been raining here way for ever.