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IME before treatment? - TiredOfHurting09 - 03-30-2011

My state is Indiana

The pre trial hearing has already happened and the hearing is set for a couple weeks from now. I got a packet in the mail that said I had to fill out and take it to my IME tomorrow. Is that a normal thing to have to go to a IME before any treatment at all is done?

I was injured back in July 2009 I had a MRI done through my private ins. which showed a disc bulge at l4/l5 and a disc herniation at l5/s1 it also said that the l5/s1 central disc protrusion was causing moderate subarticular stenosis and that it contacts the descending left s1 nerve root. The WC IC had denied me any kind of treatment from the very beginning and my private ins. says they will not pay because it is a work related injury so I have gone all this time in pain and having no help.

I am sure my injuries have gotten worse because now my left leg and buttocks are numb almost all the time no matter if I am sitting, standing, laying down etc. The pain has also became much more frequent and I have to deal with it because I have no help. There are days that I just lay in bed all day because it hurts to much to get up and try to walk.

I'm sorry I am going all over the place with this post I am just so nervous about tomorrow and what to expect and why are they sending me to a IME when they have denied everything and won't let me be treated? Can someone please tell me is it normal to be sent for a IME just 2 weeks before the HEARING when you have never even been treated yet?

Thank you all and again I am sorry for the rambling and skipping around.

RE: IME before treatment? - 1171 - 03-31-2011

yes, they need medical evidence to support their position.
an IME that says it's not work related doesn't help them much after they've already provided treatment.

you should file a complaint against your health care provider. if you have a work comp denial then they are required to provide care.

RE: IME before treatment? - TiredOfHurting09 - 03-31-2011

Thank you 1171 I will look in to doing that I didn't know that I could.