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payment help - phil w - 03-24-2011

hey all on here.i was on work comp for 2 years and my pay stopped 4 months ago due to 104 weeks was reached and now im no better then when it began.ive had 2 surgerys on each wrist and had tos surgery on my right doctor said that the tos surgery would make everything better and its seemed to make things worse and now he says theres nothing more he can do.ive applied for ssd and got turned down and i dont know what to do..i have sooooo many bills and being unable to work and noone helping im at my wits end and just dont know what to lawyer is working on a settlement but thats not gonna last the rest of my life and with the pain and my problems i wont be able to work.i also have 4 hernited diskes in my back that the lawyer is also trying to get medical paid for.i live in minnesota because i know people will i said before i just dont know what to do.any help would be great...thanks alot and i looked forward to reading everything advice.

RE: payment help - 1171 - 03-24-2011

It would be illegal for the carrier/employer to pay TTD beyond the statute of limitations. until the law is changed there is no way you can continue to receive work comp TTD payments and there is little a public message board can do to change the law.

you can receive help for medical & temporary aid until you find a job.

if you are a union member you can often get emergency aid from them.

for medical help try here

contact your church for some help and resources for food and shelter.

apply for unemployment and food stamps.

you can appeal your SS denial.

most state, counties, and local jurisdictions have a number of public assistance centers and agencies that can provide temporary help.

there are a tremendous number of aid organizations but you have to seek them out -- they won't come to you:

you need to find work within your restrictions:

if you are a veteran there are additional services available