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Hi, tis me - bodybuilder1958 - 03-15-2011

Okay, I'm calm now.
Won't leave, can't leave, you're stuck with me, deal with it.
Family, love them all you can, deal with them, pray with and for them. That's all we can do.
Won't change my name, style, hide.
I have too many friends here, people who I look for, pray for, laugh with and sadly even cry for and with. Only anther injured worker knows how we feel, the frustration, the anger, our pain, the delays. How could I leave those who understand completely how I feel?


Besides, I can't leave now....I just got 'posting freak' status here.

RE: Hi, tis me - sonny1 - 03-15-2011

glad to hear you aren't leaving. Even though I haven't been on here long, I look forward to seeing your posts along with the other "veterans" of this site. People need a place to come, vent, cry, laugh with others who LIVE their pain and frustrations. I do not know anything about you or anyone else on here, but I would say that anybody willing to "hi jack" your posts has very little going for them. To try to sabotage someones ability to help others, truly needs help themselves. I look forward to seeing you on here as you have been (well, for as long as I have been reading). Stay here, there is strength in numbers!!!

RE: Hi, tis me - Bummer Knees - 03-15-2011

Pressing the like button!

RE: Hi, tis me - Manley2 - 03-15-2011

Glad your staying around, we need all the good folks here we can get

RE: Hi, tis me - Cervical_Fusion - 03-15-2011

BB a darn good move !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RE: Hi, tis me - jayne - 03-16-2011

its a pretty good place isnt it