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Politics don't work well on forums - bodybuilder1958 - 03-10-2011

Hi All,

Well I stood on my soap box and now I'm done. We had a topic for politics and such not that long ago and it got heated and ugly.

We all have our opinions as to politics, common good, President and the likes. But we're suppose to be friends here supporting and lifting up one another. Let's not go back to where we were not that long ago, spewing hate at each other just over whether we agree with the republicans or the democrats as to how to run this great land. Opinions are always welcome and there are forums just for that. Let's not become one of those forums.

We need to be united injured workers.

RE: Politics don't work well on forums - Bummer Knees - 03-10-2011

Good thread Bodybuilder.

Work comp has enough emotional rollorcosters without adding politics to the mix.