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2Level Discectomy w/fusion and hardware - ttguns - 02-02-2011

Need advice!Recently had a 2 level discectomy w/fusion and hardware as a result from a shop door at John Deere falling from its tracks and landing on my head and upperback. Had a WC claom for the incident since injury date June2010 in the state of Idaho. I've been out of work since surgery Dec 13th and probly will be atleast til Mid-March. After contacting an attorney, I was told due to state law there isnt much more he could do for me that I couldnt do for myself in this case since its right to work state and impairment ratings, settlement, ect. is cut n dry same for everyone depending on rating. Wondering if this is true, and how much a person in my case is usually looking at far as impairment rating(settlementamount), future medical(amount), and buyout options

RE: 2Level Discectomy w/fusion and hardware - 1171 - 02-03-2011

yes, as long as there are no issues there is little or nothing to litigate.
settlements and ratings are not based on treatment.
there is no usual. every patient heals and recovers differently and is left with unique impairment.
every patients medical needs are different and there is no usual amount.
you can become informed about Idaho work comp rules here