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So Confused - Need some input - Me Myself-n-I - 01-21-2011

Hello all!!
State of Wyoming and have questions! To much reading and searching but really not finding answers.

My story goes like this........My job was water truck driver and on 11/13/08 I finally had to report my arm. I had injured it 6 months prior ,but thinking it would heal on it own I keep going as being the only female driver and bonus were to start be given to everyone, each department separately depending on safety, and work performance. I wasn't going to be the person to ruin bonus pay for all those men.
On 11/13/08 I knew something wasn't good as the rt forearm muscle went numb. I finally turned it in to safety personal. Company took me to dr...and my story begins.
Dr looked at arm and referred me to Nero dr. Nero dr did pinch test and said nerve in neck. My neck didn't hurt though, only my arm elbow to wrist....Put me on med for nerve regrowth and schedule's nerve testing.(Rite forearm numb for 4 days) Week later in ER with moving chest pains. Everything looks good and reported as associated with nerves in rite arm. One month later nerve testing reporting some nerve damage in elbow, but everything else show fine. 2 doctors in same office with 2 oppions.... Surgery now and nothing wrong......Requested new Nero Dr with WC.
Year of 2009 short and sweet.....New dr tested nerves finding 22% damage in rt elbow but all else showed fine. MRI showing C5-7 didn't look good and C6-7 going. Wasn't following norm with nerve damage so PT for 8 weeks..........Laid off at job due to down sizing which was a good thing as now I could go to PT..........8 weeks Dr appointment and he wanted to do surgery as PT wasn't helping. I asked about Chiro Practice to see if that would work instead of surgery. 6 months later I felt better as I could move my neck again, but arm pain is terrible. Protecting it at all times so no one would jerk or pull on it. Any strain would really set it off.....8/09 Dr appointment and ordered New MRI, Cat scan. Neck looked really good, but arm hurting like heck.....PT again for 8 weeks.............PT and I come to conclude PT just kept aggravating arm.....2/10 Dr appointment surgery concluded as I couldn't turn my neck again, arm pain terrible and sleeping getting bad. Dr requested surgery with WC for approval.......4/10 WC lost my medical records.....Have to wait until get surgery date for TTD. Week later recieve TTD as no fault to Dr and myself for medical records. 5/10 Dr fighting with WC....WC had 1st Specialist say a go on neck fusion C5-6, C6-7 and Ulnary Nerve in rite elbow. WC gets another Specialist to look over. 2nd Specialist findings are Ulnary Nerve and C5-6 a go, but not C6-7 and makes this decision with missing medical documents . Wc goes with 2nd Specialist. 6/10 Wc retracts to no on neck but elbow still a go. WC wants me to do the shots. My answers was I don't think so and start crying just thinking about that one as I HATE NEEDLES! 9/10 Surgery on Rite Ulnery Nerve....wasn't good, one of the worst the doctor has seen. I can deal with the 6" scar as the pain is gone in rite forearm. Day later my neck decides to follow the norm.....worst then the elbow. Pain radiating through neck, shoulders and down rite arm. Sleep 2 hrs at time. 10/10 Dr appointment and schudules MRI. 11/10 MRi shows C5-6 really pushing into spine. Will request surgery with WC again. I was on my 2.5 hr drive home, 1.5 Hours later dr called and said surgery 12/10 WC approved. 10 months fighting with them and now it takes a whole 1.5 hr to approve? Surgery 12/10 fusion C5-6 and C6-7. Everything went great.....No pain after surgery. Yippee!!!!! 1/11 Have some burning in rt forearm, neck gets tired fast without support but working with PT to help with that. Went back to dr and restrictions better. Everything looking good. Dr restrictions for life will be 50# max, no overhead lifting, no truck driving as will deteriorate the spine below and above the fusion. I am still restricted for no work but MMI is coming. No Im not 100% but without the pain I can see straight now!!!
Questions: What is the best recourse for me now. Want to look into VR but reading I wonder if that is a good thing. I won't make anything near my wages from truck driving without going back to school. I really don't want to apply for 20 jobs a week and waste everyones time. Does TTD contuinue while I RV? Should I get a lawyer now? On the rating, do they take the scarring in the %? IF require a lawyer How do I go about finding one that will do the job? On a MMI appointment do you get docked if you walk out? Pain and me aren't friend anymore and I refuse to allow someone to cause me more!!! For Now that questions I can think of. thanks for any help you can give cause I don't know where to turn at this point. Sorry so long

RE: So Confused - Need some input - 1171 - 01-21-2011

Wyoming compensates scarring if it's about the head and face and affects earning capacity.
you should ask for a referal to a plastic surgeon about getting a revision.

finding a lawyer:
this site has link at bottom of this page
or try

if you fail to allow the employer a medical exam, benefits can be suspended.