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Snow, Snow, Snow - Bummer Knees - 01-10-2011

Here in Kansas it started snowing yesterday about sunset, and continued thru the night and into this morning.

Later today the temp will drop with wind chill being below zero.

RE: Snow, Snow, Snow - Cervical_Fusion - 01-10-2011

It is to begin here in Ohio tomorrow and continue through Thrusday

RE: Snow, Snow, Snow - sweet tooth - 01-10-2011

please keep it up your way its cold enough down here already

RE: Snow, Snow, Snow - UndercovrAngel - 01-10-2011

I'm about to ship off for a warmer port Smile. We hit a whopping high of 34 degrees today, and supposed to be around 14 degrees tonight. Although we have no snow on the ground, we have been dealing with frozen rain since last night.. and throughout the day. It is now back to freezing again. Had to pry my door on the car open this morning as it was frozen shut when I had to take number 2 dumb son to school. Even if the weather continues as it is now, through out the night.. I will still have to get out on ice covered roads here to take him to school again in the morning. Our superintendent of the schools doesn't believe in shutting down the district if he can get to his office. Of course, he was born up North where they learn early how to drive in this crap. Thinks that everyone else should be able to as well. But when you put close to a thousand high school students out on the road at the same time, who have never driven under these conditions.. it's better if you leave 5 or 6 car lengths between you and the car in front of you, unless you want to become a statistic.

Angel ^j^

RE: Snow, Snow, Snow - Cervical_Fusion - 01-11-2011

UA it is 14 degrees here right now. The snow will start early tomorrow. I can't wait
right I can't wait untill it is summer.

RE: Snow, Snow, Snow - jayne - 01-11-2011

I so dislike cold

RE: Snow, Snow, Snow - Bummer Knees - 01-11-2011

We have a snow day today! All are schools are closed due to the snow/ice and cold.

The wind chill is -15 to -20 below, and my kids want to go outside and play in the snow!

RE: Snow, Snow, Snow - admin - 01-11-2011

I know. It's terrible! We are barely going to hit 70 degrees today......

RE: Snow, Snow, Snow - Bummer Knees - 01-11-2011


Rub it in Admin!

RE: Snow, Snow, Snow - jayne - 01-11-2011

Bummer we can send our kids to Admin