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Industrial Commission - NC - hurt trucker - 08-15-2007

Hello all. I hope you are having a good day. My atty sent papers to the Industrial Commission to get my weekly benefits restarted. We also need to get medical started up right. What is the time frame for getting a decision in NC? We are going on 5 weeks now. Only received one wc check since accident about 4 months ago.

Back, neck pain (disks are bulging in neck and back). doctor says it is not causing pain, numbness, falling...........says it might be arthritis. Never had ONE problem until accident. Go severe carpal tunnel in both hands too that wc does not want to acknowledge. No problems with anything until wreck.

Thanks for any words of advice. I love ya all.

RE: Industrial Commission - NC - Still in Limbo - 08-15-2007

I'm not sure of the Laws in Your State, I just wanted to jump on here and tell you to Hang in there! Someone I'm sure will be along soon to Help you with Your Situation!! Have a Great Day!!Wink

RE: Industrial Commission - NC - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 08-16-2007

I do think it all depends on the case loads for hearings. If there are many the time is in lenght, if there are few, the time is short. Without knowing that, we don't know the answer like we would all want too. Your best shot on this, is to ask your Attorney, if they have any idea. They generally would have a good idea on the time.