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PhD Research Assistance in Ohio - PhD Dissert Assistance - 12-26-2010

I am currently in dissertation phase of my PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and need to find participants for my study. I had planned on a different way of obtaining my participants (through treating physicians in Ohio) but I am having a difficult time finding an office that will assist. I am looking at changing the way I will find my participants and am trying to see if this forum could help. I am unable to actually start discussing anything with potential participants until I see if the forum will assist. My topic is the injured workers description of lost time and it is a qualitative study where I need to find 8-14 individuals in Ohio who would be willing to meet with me one on one for approximately an hour to discuss thoughts, feelings and experiences of losing work time due to an injury. This does not have to be a work injury but any injury that could have caused someone to lose work time. The study focuses on the workers feelings of losing time from work due to an injury. Is there anyone who is a part of this forum who would be willing to talk with me or know of someone who would be willing to talk with me and become a part of my study?

Thanks to anyone who may be able to assist.

RE: PhD Research Assistance in Ohio - 1171 - 12-26-2010

for workers compensation participants contact work comp attys or the ombudsman's office
you can also post a notice or hang out at the BWC hearing locations
there are also vocational rehabilitation professionals who may also be a resource for participants