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RE: First good winter storm - bronco54501 - 12-17-2010

(12-17-2010, 06:29 PM)Manley2 Wrote: I use to like cold weather, even worked outside all. And being a firefighter you better like cold weather at least a little because it never failed, the first good cold snap and somebodies fireplace would be on fire. I never had any problems with the cold but now it sucks. I didn't get allot this summer because just too much pain to do too much walking and now with the cold I'm not going to get out much at all

I also am an outdoors person (used to be) I loved snowmobilling, ice fishing, snow shoeing... Once I was injured things changed, I wasnt able to do anything that winter and most of the summer. then went back to work durring winter and started feeling the cold through my bones, achy cold and then this last summer being pulled out, and not getting better has took a tole on my phisical health and now I ache 24/7....... At least if it was warmer I could get out and at least walk the dog around the yard. Memberships at the Y are way to expensive, but the old holiday inn alows people to use the pool and hot tub for $3.00 a person.

RE: First good winter storm - chrischris - 12-17-2010

We're expecting it to rain like it's never rained in California before; accordingly to weatherman. Dark and gloomy. Nothing to do but eat Christmas cookies and drink coffee. Big Grin