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RE: Prayers for my daughter - bodybuilder1958 - 12-07-2010

Thank you Jayne, I truly appreciate it. We all do.

RE: Prayers for my daughter - jayne - 12-07-2010

Kylee in a world where as injured workers the rest of the world are out to hurt us why in the world would we go out of our way to hurt each other.....BB asked for prayer....a short I will be praying for you is all that needed to be said or if like Wink you know the person a bit more Advice..if you dont want to or dont believe in it then say nothing....but to come on in a time of deep pain for BB and not only attack her belief in God but her mothering skills and to use profane ugly words to do it.....well.......makes me wanna do an Oklahoma stomp dance on your head....iffen I was able and whole since I am not all I can do is say I am ashamed of your post and believe you owe BB an apoligy....I have found those who preface their attack with "I dont wish to offend" usually do.....and you can bet once Admin sees the dirty words in your post they will be turned into harmless ones and a warning issued....unless he sees them before his 2nd cup of coffee....please calm down and bcome a member of our family......

RE: Prayers for my daughter - Bummer Knees - 12-07-2010

Well said Jayne, thank you!

RE: Prayers for my daughter - bodybuilder1958 - 12-07-2010

Admin, forgive her. Let's move on. Thank you all for your prayers, support. Let's lift up our new injured friend and help her. She needs healing in so many ways.

RE: Prayers for my daughter - bodybuilder1958 - 12-07-2010

Hi Faith,

Not a problem, my daughter is 25 years old. Thank you for your support.

RE: Prayers for my daughter - admin - 12-07-2010

BB, Faith was a prolific spammer. Sorry. Her post is now gone.

Kylee, that is two posts of yours I've had to clean up. That's my limit. Please keep your language clean.