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important question - highdesertguy - 11-05-2010

Iam supposed to go to MSC in this month,I have been rated
at 30% disabled,now Iam aware that insurance carriers
will hire private investigators to follow people around
looking for wc fraud,wich is understandable
I have all kinds of documents to prove my disability.
my question is this,can I start doing minor work around
the house,like mowing the lawn etc, etc,
I have not been able to do anything for the past 2 years.
I do feel like I want to try to move around and do things
I dont know if I still should be concerned about a private investig.
following me around ,I dont know when my case will be settled
since my atty is fighting for open medical.
thanks for you help...

RE: important question - 1171 - 11-05-2010

you are free to do anything within your restrictions. you are not a100% disabled or expected to be a total invalid.
if in doubt discuss it with your doctor.

A PI is only valuable if you tell your doctor you can't do XYZ and the carrier has pictures of you doing XYZ.
fraud first requires a lie.

generally very few should be concerned about an investigator.
there is far more serious fraud from employers and doctors then workers.

RE: important question - highdesertguy - 11-05-2010

again thanks for your input, I do appreciate it!
my wife seems to think that I should not do anything
physical outdoors,I disagree with her 100%
thanks again!

RE: important question - kate - 11-05-2010

1171 is right. As long as your doctor says you can do something, a PI taking pictures of you doing it, is useless to the IC. Just never say you can't do something that you can do. That's where the problems come in.