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Wonderful weekend - jayne - 10-24-2010

we had church camp this weekend at Sardis lake....we have a small church 14 families with a avarage of 6 children per family...we rented a group camp and had a blast 2 volleyball nets were set up a softball field and a playground for the smaller children...the days were warm and the nights were cool....we were lucky enough to have a covered pavillion with a huge fireplace cuz it rained saturday off and on all was a warm rain so the children didnt care they played in the rain...Today however the sun came out and we had a beautiful day....I believe the best part of church camp is when the head of each family stands with his family and thanks God for each member of his family by name and asks Gods blessings on them all is a beautiful and moving time......It was also a goodby for one family they leave with their 2 children to Ghana Africa in 2 weeks to be missionaries.....I will miss them alot they are a loving and kind couple......

RE: Wonderful weekend - Bummer Knees - 10-25-2010

Sounds like an awesome weekend!