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RE: Tryin to Start Arguement (Limbo Says) - MJC - 08-12-2007

I also agree..........Limbo is one of the most wonderful people on this forum and has been here for a long time. A very sincere person and always tries to help everyone. Of course we all try to help on this forum but there is something special about Limbo. Debysu, I pray you will get past this.

Cajun Hugssssssssss,

RE: Tryin to Start Arguement (Limbo Says) - grundig - 08-12-2007

Limbo hurt some ones feeling,s??? No way ,Ain,t gonna happen, Some body must have read sumpin wrong here, Limbo is prolly 1 of the nicest people here.

RE: Tryin to Start Arguement (Limbo Says) - Spring - 08-13-2007

Deb and Still....Thank you for both being able to look at the whole situation as adults and being able to just move forward.

Deb I will promise you if you ever need to have a more honest man in your corner...and that would stand up and fight for you it would be Still in Limbo. And Deb you need to stay and continue to be part of the are going to need the support and have so many more questions as you continue this battle ahead of you. We must stay together and be strong for one another. We can do this...even though the misunderstandings.

Hoping that Admin will just remove this thread as the situation has been resolved and doesn't fit the criteria of the injuried worker board.