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Update on my wife & soon to be.. - bronco54501 - 10-20-2010

She had her first ultra sound yesterday, she is 9 1/2 weeks pregnant and baby seems to be healthy.. Although to early to determine if baby is a she (we hope), but due date is May 20th... Even though she is very tiny almost 2 inches she was waving and doing the butt shuffle dance (very active). We are excited and now for some planning, before my accident I started the finnishing of the basement. My nephew (who passed shortly before my injury) helped me finnish off a bedroom, which will become our sons room. I have put all plumbing in for a bathroom and now have to stud the walls in and finnish the rec room. It has been a project I have not attempted since injury and have already had all materials stacked in basement.. I now have somthing (a reason) to finnish it durring the winter, of course with the help from my son.........I have included the best pic from the ultra sound..........

RE: Update on my wife & soon to be.. - bodybuilder1958 - 10-20-2010

Congratulations to you and your wife on your baby. Whether it's a he or a she that baby will know love and be loved. That's all that counts. I look forward to more pictures.


My birth date is May 21st.

RE: Update on my wife & soon to be.. - jayne - 10-20-2010

ahhhhhhhhhhh such a cutie...I am hoping for a red head I have a fondness for emmm cant wait to see the baby...tell Momma how proud all us grandparents are

RE: Update on my wife & soon to be.. - Bummer Knees - 10-20-2010


That is a great picture.

RE: Update on my wife & soon to be.. - bronco54501 - 10-21-2010

We hope its a girl, and yes she's beautiful....
As far as the red hair, my wife carried red hair up to about 4 then turned blondish red....... And thanks for the congrats.....

What do you think of the

RE: Update on my wife & soon to be.. - jayne - 10-21-2010

your wife will geld you.........

RE: Update on my wife & soon to be.. - bronco54501 - 10-23-2010

jayne Wrote:your wife will geld you.........

Yeah probably, In our hearts we have the girl name picked out... Anna Marie, but mother inlaw keeps calling suggesting different names from some web site. But I truely feel the name has to have a reason for being and not just to pick one from a hat.... I respect that she is trying to help but were set on the girls name but she is prompt on pushing names to us.....

RE: Update on my wife & soon to be.. - RNvic - 10-23-2010

bronco- the right name will come to you in time.

We are looking forward to our new Grandson to be born the first week of December. My son John wants to name him jr but Samatha wants to name him something else. I am just waiting on him to get here so I can spoil him.

RE: Update on my wife & soon to be.. - jayne - 10-24-2010

Oh Vickie I am so happy for you I know you will love him to death kiss his little toes for me please

RE: Update on my wife & soon to be.. - jayne - 10-25-2010

Bronco,all my childrens names just came...we knew when they were right it just felt right.....respectfully listen to all the sugestions but name what you please.....found it easier to just say we havent chosen a name yet...and then after the birth cit was signed then we told em...I always felt as parents it was our right and honor to name our child.....but some parents need help when they name ie some of the stars that name their children Apple,Coco,Egypt but for the most part it is a honor to name this precious being.....