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RE: aggregate trust fund - blake - 10-29-2010

if iam ppd and the ins comp is making payments and will continue to then why does the wcb make them pay this amount of money and call is an award? i call the wcb and lady tells me as of the date in the letter the money will be mine, this is where in lost, so pretty much this doesnt effect me when is comes to the so called award

RE: aggregate trust fund - kate - 10-29-2010

The wcb makes them pay because of a new law in 2007 requiring it. Then, if the IC doesn't make payments to you or they go bankrupt and can't pay, then the ATS can continue to pay you. Its set up to protect the injured worker. It's not an additional award.

I haven't found if ATS has to refund the money to the IC if the IC makes all the necessary payments. I know that they are saying alot of ICs will stop selling WC policies in NY because of this.

RE: aggregate trust fund - blake - 10-29-2010

so its a good thing for me i guess. at least i know i will always get my weekly benefits no matter what. like i said i have been classified with a ppd. maybe this will finally get them to settle. im sure the ins comp isnt happy about this but its nice to know injured workers have some rights left.

RE: aggregate trust fund - iwelker - 11-21-2016

(10-19-2010, 02:42 PM)blake Wrote: i recived a letter from the wcb  it says decision: supplemental.
the present value of the above award is x amount of dollars as of 2/8/11 under section 27 wcl for payment into the aggregate trust fund assuming that compensation benefits have been paid to 2/8/11.

       based apon the above deposit the aggregate trust fund will be liable only for payment for disabilty benefits to the claimant.

  can someone tell me what this means does this mean iam being awarded the amount stated in the letter. will i be reciving this money?
This link should answer your questions: 

You can call the Workers' Comp Board and they can explain it to you is an alternate way to get the answer you are asking about. Best of luck to you.

RE: aggregate trust fund - 1171 - 11-21-2016

thank you welker,
blake has been checking every day for the past 6 years for your answer.