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Been Away/Good News - UndercovrAngel - 10-01-2010

I haven't been on the forum for some time now, due to helping my daughter finish up her wedding plans. I then traveled to CO to see my mom and my sister before heading to WY for the actual wedding.

My daughter made an absolutely beautiful bride (I think all moms say that ~L~). And baby Tori was a vision in the dress that I found for her to wear. What a doll she was Saturday during the wedding and reception that followed. Although she missed 2 naps, she never got fussy and didn't leave with her grandpa and his wife till after 10:30 pm. I will post a few pics after I get them DL'd to my computer.

Ended up spending most of Monday and part of Tuesday back at my sisters house in Denver sicker than a dog. Finally got home just after midnight Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning. Still trying to recuperate from it all. But I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Now, for the good news. Y'all know about our grandbaby that was brutally murdered back in March of this year. His mother was sentenced to 41 months in prison yesterday as part of a plea bargain to get her to admit to her role in his abuse and to get her to testify against the live in bf that they ultimately charged in his murder.

He is expected in court next Thursday for pre-trial and the DA hopes to start his trial by the end of October. He is facing life in prison with possible parole after 20 years, but that is on the capitol murder charge only. There are 3 other charges along with a second trial to come for 16 charges of child pornography. We are hoping that all sentences are ordered to be served concurrently so that it will be a cold day in hedoublehockeysticks before he sees the outside of the prison walls.

Hope y'all had a great week, and that the weekend finds you ready to enjoy the fall weather that seems to be finding it's way across the country.

Angel ^j^

RE: Been Away/Good News - Manley2 - 10-01-2010

That is good news and I bet the wedding was wonderful.

As for jail time why can we murder anybody and get parole? This system just doesn't make much since to me. There was a story on the news here the other day they arrest a guy for killing a woman because she came home and found him breaking into her home. Turns out he is out of jail after getting time off for good behavor for murder. How can you tell her family why he was even out on the street? All I can say is we all know who will really take care of it in the end. Nobody gets out of standing in front of God one day.

RE: Been Away/Good News - AQA - 10-02-2010

UA, did that happen in Texas?? I don't recall.

RE: Been Away/Good News - Bummer Knees - 10-02-2010

AQA it happened in Kansas, about 30 miles up the road from me.

Got to see UA and Randy the last couple of times they were in Kansas.

Jayne & I went to little Vincent's funeral.

RE: Been Away/Good News - AQA - 10-02-2010

Thanks BK. I was curious do to the sentcence for the crime. The sentence wouldn't make sence if the crime happened in Texas. I think I live in the only state that has an express lane to the death chamber. I personally believe in the old adage. "An eye for an eye."

RE: Been Away/Good News - jayne - 10-04-2010

not to worry AQA cons will take care of just dont murder a child even cons have a code of conduct...and to do what that creep did to that baby.....he wont make it long in general population....