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had QME APPT, - highdesertguy - 09-27-2010

hello every one thanks for all your help
Iam in CALIFORNIA i recently had my QME appt.
I had documents from my doctors to show this doctor(qme)
and for some reason he refused to see them
he told me he would request them from my atty.
I must say that this exam only took about 6 minutes.
and I dont feel he did an extense exam of my injuries,
my other doctor put me at 25% disabled as a whole person.
my question is , what do I expect now?are we going to go to court
anytime soon? tired of the wc joke!
want to move on with my life,and maybe find a way
to make some of the money I was making before this injurie
3 level laminectomy-discetomy
surgeon said 3 level spinall fussion may be my only solution.
still undecided., about this surgery
any recomendations?