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Hurt at work. What to do? - Dans13 - 09-15-2010

I was hurt at work on Aug 21, 2010. I have not returned to work since then. Went to hospital on Aug. 23, 2010. Said I had to have MRI. Don't think I have work the required hours for employer to offer FMLA. Employer insurance company hasn't received info from hospital or doctor, thus no decision yet. I went for a follow-up visit to a doctor, at which I was told by the Dr. that I was not to return to work. He scheduled MRI and Phys. Therapy. Insurance co (employer's) called and said that i could not go to appts, because a decision hasn't been made and they would not be responsible. I have no med insurance of my own and I already have debt from medical bills, so I chose to not go. I am still in pain, and broke. Help.

My questions are, what are my options? What advice do you have? Are there exceptions to the FMLA guidelines?

Thanks in advance.Sad

RE: Hurt at work. What to do? - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 09-15-2010

I don't offer advice, but an Opinion I do.

If it were me, I be going to the doctor no matter what, no matter who said what, as it will all be worked out in the end.

I myself, if in pain, will refuse to have someone tell me I can't go to a doctor.

The rest is up to you.

RE: Hurt at work. What to do? - kate - 09-15-2010

What state are you in?

RE: Hurt at work. What to do? - 1171 - 09-15-2010

if the carrier/employer has refused to provide treatment you can use your health benefits until they do.
each state has it's own rules on work comp and without knowing your state no one can give you accurate information.
what is your state?

RE: Hurt at work. What to do? - pain in the back - 09-15-2010

Dan, you got hurt at work right ? If they are refusing you medical treatment, I would be calling you state goverment agencies, every company is required by federal law to carry workers comp ins. I'm in florida and I call the state of florida employee assistance office for workers comp, do a google search..

RE: Hurt at work. What to do? - 1171 - 09-15-2010

calling agencies at this point is questionable advice--especially without knowing the issue.
there are over 100 state agencies in florida; calling them at this point would not seem productive.
dan does not present a typical coverage issue.
the fact that there is "no decision yet" would imply that there is a carrier.
you can not presume the state is florida-- the odds are 98% that it's one of the other 50 or a federal comp claim.
wanting to help and contribute is a good thing.

RE: Hurt at work. What to do? - Manley2 - 09-15-2010

He said he had no medical coverage so he can't use his own but I would go to the appt's and see what they say. If they refuse to treat you then you may have to wait until they decide but I would think most times they will still take care of you. A state will help