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Mandatory Mediation & A Good Feeling - TripleP - 08-27-2010

My claim is in Pennsylvania:

Well I had my first trial, and before I even sat in the chair to testify all parties agreed to a speedy resolutuion to mediate if not settle prior to the the mandatory mediation. It seems the IC lawyer is ready to get this thing wrapped up as quickly as possible, and seem to be willing to work with my lawyers and my demands.

Now for the some more good news:

Without going into too many specifics during my testimony, the IC lawyer attempted to trip me up with his questions. I guess he figured I would not know my files, but in the end it really backfired on him. To the point the judge had a good laugh and asked him to just give up...

RE: Mandatory Mediation & A Good Feeling - jayne - 08-27-2010

thats great news

RE: Mandatory Mediation & A Good Feeling - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 08-27-2010

That is good news, glad you shared that with us all. I hope it continues to stay in favor.

Please by all means keep us up-dated on your case.

Ya those attorney's like the trick questions and all. But, the ole saying is, if you don't know, or remember something, simply say that as your answer. For they can't use that against you neither.