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is it normal - orange - 08-26-2010

while fighting a workers comp case,your attorney doesn't want you to look for a job.still on company payroll but not receiving any income from any source.don't want to quit,and haven't been let go yet.seems that I'm suppose to wait until case is settled and I lose everything. I have restrictions to return to work, but company says no work under those rest.

RE: is it normal - Manley2 - 08-26-2010

Then why are you not receiving TTD from work if you are on WC and they say they have no work for you?

RE: is it normal - jayne - 08-26-2010

Orange,something isnt right...have a sitdown with your lawyer and ask him what he wants you to do for money.......if you cannot return to your job with the restrictions in place by your Dr then they should be paying you a TTD check or let you you can look for another one or collect unemployment....

RE: is it normal - orange - 08-26-2010

was hurt on job,employer says i was not,i had witnesses, i have been to mediation and a hearing before a deputy commisioner, now waiting on another hearing before the full commision because of employer appealed deputy comm.decision.was not awarded wc benefits, wc was denied, was not on the job long enough to get anyshort or long term ins benefits.been over a yr +1/2 and about to lose everything. spouse is only income but that doesn't pay all the bills.had to file on her ins to have surgeries done. don't want to put too much on here cause I know that my paralegal reads these blogs

RE: is it normal - jayne - 08-26-2010

your lawyer is your only recourse ..if you can work then you have to try and work.... as long as you stay within your restrictions you are okay

RE: is it normal - orange - 08-26-2010

each time I contact him ,they say they will get back to me, but they never do.I have let them know that I have looked at jobs and was wanting to apply, but they haven't given me the go ahead. I don't want to do anything that will jepordize my case! NC CASE! do you think they don't want me to find a job since my employer hasn't terminated me and that might hurt my case?

RE: is it normal - 1171 - 08-26-2010

North Carolina allows disability benefits to be based on wage loss rather then impairment.
sounds like they are trying to maximize the settlement (and their fee) at the expense of your short term financial situation.

RE: is it normal - orange - 08-26-2010

knew there had to be a reason behind it! thanks

RE: is it normal - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 08-26-2010

Orange, if your told to return to work, and the employer can't meet the medical restrictions, then tells you you can't work due to those restritions, the employers Insurance for work comp gets notified, and should re-start your TTD checks.

Since it sounds like your being contested by the employer, it sounds like your attorney is still battling this, and is why your told not to find work, because if your attorney wins, you will get all the lost TTD check money back. That is what is going on, or as it seems from what you have written.

RE: is it normal - orange - 08-26-2010

BBBB, I have never received TTD checks from anyone because I haven,t won my case yet.WC was denied and am waiting on trial or whatever.Been to mediation and first hearing in front of IC judge.