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QuackWatch - chrischris - 08-20-2010

New to me but maybe not to you. I just happened upon this site. It's loaded with good information. Enjoy!

RE: QuackWatch - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 08-21-2010

I use to read it years back, but found it to lack any updates that will mean anything more that I had read.

RE: QuackWatch - chrischris - 08-21-2010

Well BBBB, I did say the site was new to me, and if you look, you will see that there is a lot of articles dated 2010.

RE: QuackWatch - Bummer Knees - 08-21-2010

Thanks for sharing Chris, an informative site.

RE: QuackWatch - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 08-22-2010

Yes, CC, there are some 2010 updates, and if you go through the whole site as I use too years back, you will notice what seems to be only about a 2% or 3% that is updated. Now look, years back, I did find a Quack IME on the list for a friend I knew, that was to go to such doctor for an IME. I printed and sent it to him, he sent it to his attorney, and the IME was changed. It turned out well, as the second IME was an honest one. But, we all know IME's are like a flip of a coin, you never know what your going to get. So, it helped in the past, I agree.

In fact, I had even posted this link when the Old Board was up and running years back.