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OWCP Schedule Award - hurt1 - 08-08-2010

I am going to the Dr. on Tuesday for a second schedule award due to my injury getting worse. How should my Dr. word his report so it does not look like my impairment rating changed due to normal day to day activities? I have not been working and have done nothing to aggravate my condition. Thanks

RE: OWCP Schedule Award - 1171 - 08-08-2010

it depends a lot on the situation surrounding your prior award.
basically the doctor has to show that your condition continued to deteriorate on it's own accord and as a natural consequence of the injury.
the key is now how to show that your condition has stabilized and should be rated rather then waiting further.

RE: OWCP Schedule Award - hurt1 - 08-08-2010

Thank You 1171, I am so glad I found this forum. It's scary going through this stuff alone.