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RE: new member with 20month shoulder injury - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 08-03-2010

Fireball, very correct, as I don't understand how any attorney can speed up the process of getting on any Social Security program just on the first steps. First steps can be done without an attorney, plus if awarded, you keep all your money. So simple to apply these days. As many do it on-line, I prefer to tell people to go to their local SS Office, bring all their medical documents and go from there.

RE: new member with 20month shoulder injury - UndercovrAngel - 08-04-2010

I was referred to an SSDI attorney through the long term disability insurance company of my employer. The LTD company had all copies of my medical records (required to qualify me for LTD). They (LTD) sent copies to the attorney, who in turn forwarded them to SSDI. I was approved in 71 days.

My attorney was awarded $520 payment for the work that he did on my application. I received a letter from SSDI stating that the attorneys payment WAS NOT paid out of my SSDI back payments, nor would it come out of any future SSDI payments. I have no clue as to where the money came from .. but I'm not about to open a can of worms and find out either.

Angel ^j^

RE: new member with 20month shoulder injury - don1956 - 08-05-2010

fireball Wrote:ssdi attorney will take a junk of your money if all your injuries lead down to the road of disibilaty--like bbbb said you can file on your own--its easy and if you have nothing to hide your road to recieving it will be long yet worth it. like everything else in this system time time time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you to "fireball" that's good infoSmile

SSA Disabled AND Workers comp - ganduland - 08-19-2013

SSA Approved for ESRD ,now what happens to my WC case of left roator cuff tear. Is the TTD converted to PTD, or is there a settlement. Do I have to attend a FCE ? It seems certain that I will not be going back to my old job with the disability I have. What should I expect?

RE: new member with 20month shoulder injury - 1171 - 08-19-2013

don't create zombie posts.
this one is 3 yrs old; let it die.

RE: new member with 20month shoulder injury - don1956 - 08-19-2013

(08-02-2010, 04:44 PM)Bad Boy Bad Boy Wrote: Let me say this. If your questions are on money, and you neeed money. The answer is going to it's slow. It's a slow process. The answer is, you need to get moving, go get retrained at VESID. Just because you worked one job for 30 years, doesn't mean you can't learn something else. And for SSDI, go get an attorney, or file for it yourself. These are easy steps, all you have to do, is go do them.

Wow!! i forgot all about this site .i was shocked to get a responseBig Grin.i understand what you are saying "1171"Big GrinBig Grin..but all ended lawyer agreed after 30yrs at one job and to start over?!!Sad.i got approved for my "SS"and my pension.but thanks all for your help.and again sorry "1171"for this "zombie"thread!Wink;