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Back injury and foot injuries?????????? - AQA - 07-22-2010

As you all know. I have a back injury that left me with nerve damage to my lower back, left leg, and left foot to include loss of motion to my left calf muscel.

I walk with a limp and apply more pressure to the right side of my left foot. That way it alieve the pain from the left side of my left foot.

Anyway, just recently,I am feeling in a new pain. (direction wise, going forward. ) Just after the heel of the left foot. It feels like there is a ball there when I walk, and yes it hurts.

Anyone ever have that pain????? I am going to call the treating dr. in the morning and try to move up my follow visit. To see if its related to the back injury or not. If it is, then I have major concerns.

Anyway, Does anyone have a foot injury that may be able to shed some light on the situation????

RE: Back injury and foot injuries?????????? - highdesertguy - 07-23-2010

hello there, I had a laminectomy-discetomy in sept 2009
got hurt at work herniated L3-L4-L5,anyway i started havingn the same thing
when I walk I would feel pressure under my heel.
someone told me that hydrocodone use was causing this.
I refused to believe that, but I did stop my medication for a few days!
and it got better,Iam back taking my medication
and I get the same feeling again...

RE: Back injury and foot injuries?????????? - AQA - 07-23-2010

Highdesertguy, Thank you for your response. I have been following you case. Well, as much as you post anyway. I had the same surgery except mine was L5-S1. That surgery allowed me to walk again.

The pain is not the heel. It is the begining of the arch.

I have been taking hydrocodone since 8-05. Being that I probably wont be able to see the dr. until next week. I will stop taking it for a day or two ( Pain allowing ). To see what happens.

Thank you.