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Ssttlement in Cali questions - sputnick71472 - 06-13-2010

I have been on WC since 10/28/03. Shortley after my accident I developed Rhuematoid Arthritas which was eventually determened to be accident related. In March of 2009 a hearing was held in which the judge decided that I should never have been put on Permanent statuus in the first place because I had not been seen or treated by a Rhumatologist. Now more than a year later and after being evaluated and treated by two Rhumatologists I am about to reappear in court for another MSC. Both Rhumatologists agree that I am permanently and compleately disabled due to the RA and the total neglect of the condition by WC. One Rhumatologist wrote,"Cases such as mine are normally found only in third world medical environments." According to the report of one of the Doctors, which is the only document my atturrney is producing in his case, I think that I might expect to recieve the maximum amount allowable in a WC case. I think I will take the lump sum and future medical. I am just wondering what a rough estimate of the lump sum might be. I have surched the web and found much WC info, but I have not found any dollar amounts. How do I know that I am not getting cheated. Any help is appreciated.

RE: Ssttlement in Cali questions - 1171 - 06-13-2010

you can only take a lumpsum buyout (Compromise & Release) if they offer it to you or are willing to accept your amount.
the default is periodic payments and open medical.
the judge and your atty know exactly what the comp law allows for your case and will make sure the correct payments are provided.
ratings are complex -- prior to finalization one will be computed by the state's Disability evaluation unit.
a total disability rating is rare. expect the finalization process to be long and complicated.
you can find out more from the factsheet on PD here