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Prayers to stop oil spill - backache - 06-02-2010

The tragedy that this country is now facing is horrendous. I think that we should all pray that this terrible man made disaster comes to an end soon. On top of those who have already died. There will be so many people out of work, the animals are going to die or suffer greatly. The loss is beyond words. Please pray that it comes to an end.

RE: Prayers to stop oil spill - Regrets - 06-02-2010

The Poor State of Mississippi and the Coastal Tourist Areas are going to Hurt Economically Severely over This! And the Human and Wild Life Lost is just Horrific!! I Hope They get a Handle on it Soon also!!Wink

RE: Prayers to stop oil spill - backache - 06-03-2010

Regrets, I love your new signature. I stop and look at natures wonders every day. The baby animals are being born right now and even though I have seen this so many times it still amazes me to watch a new fawn or other baby animal when they are first born. We just saw mommy woodchuck bring her young out for the first time last evening. Dave and I watched in amazement as the little one came out of the den. Dave was talking very softly and Mom whistled and the little guy would run like heck back to it's hole. There is never a day that goes by that I don't thank God for the wonders that surround me.

RE: Prayers to stop oil spill - Tuffy - 06-03-2010

I am also adding my prayers to a solution for this tragic event... Not only for the loss of human life but for all the critters that it is and will effect in the future. I hope and pray that they can stop it soon.

RE: Prayers to stop oil spill - Regrets - 06-03-2010

It's 7 miles out off of the Florida Coast and within a few Days it will be Hitting some of the Beaches There! This Oil Slick is going to be a Grave Killer to So much Wild Life, and Our Economy, and B.P. will Probably Walk with just a slap on the Wrist!! It's Shameful!!

Thanks Backache, before I was Injured I took the Time to Look and slow Down when I Hunted. I always told Everyone I was going to Take My Gun for a Walk, and if a Big Buck came by He'd Be Mine!! I got a Few Nice Ones, but the Walks in nothing but Nature, without another Human around, was My Peace on Earth!!Smile

RE: Prayers to stop oil spill - Cycler - 06-03-2010

I'm gonna sacrifice some goats. What the hell, cover all the bases.

RE: Prayers to stop oil spill - Regrets - 06-03-2010

You go Cycler!! Whatever it Takes You to get Through the Day!!Tongue

RE: Prayers to stop oil spill - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 06-03-2010

Yes it is sad. Many have forgotten about those that died there also. What many don't know neither, this isn't hurting BP at all. Cost as of yesterday 250 Million Dollars. BP made 250 Billion last year. Their stocks went down some, and it has been said the stocks are going to go back up again.

It's only my opinion but money and oil talks...

RE: Prayers to stop oil spill - backache - 06-03-2010

There was a news feed where a woman was vacationing a long way away from the spill and it gave her breathing problems. The scientists who are watching this said that anyone with any kind of lung problems could be affected. I just pray they get it stopped before too long. Have you ever noticed that these man made tragedies are far worse than the natural ones. Look at the great dust storm that lasted I believe 30 years. The Alaskan oil spill still is not cleaned up. I am sure that the women and children that lost their loved ones will suffer much more than anyone can imagine, what a horrible death that had to be. I can guarantee that no amount of money will make up for the loss they have suffered.

RE: Prayers to stop oil spill - backache - 06-03-2010

Cycler, it would appear that you are either Pakistani, Hindu, or from some religion who sacrifice goats to appease the Gods. Whichever religion it is I pray that it works, since it doesn't seem that mortal man can stop this tragedy.