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Scheduled for my IME... - injuredinidaho - 05-29-2010

I injured my back in the state of oregon working at my state job. The IC called yesterday and told me I needed to see an independent medical doctor in a little over 30 days. This doctor is in Portland, 45 minutes away from the IC. I am however, 6 hours away. They gave me the option to drive or they would fly me in and put me up in the hotel. My problem is....I hurt my SI joint and I haven't driven but a few miles as I am on daily pain medications...without them I have almost no mobility. Flying sounds like a better option but I cannot sit for extended periods of time without adjusting positions. My main problem with flying is all of the walking from the parking areas, through the terminals. This would be more walking then I have done in 3 months.
I know why they want me to go see "their" doctors but can't I request someone equally qualified in my area? This experience no matter how I get there will put me through the ringer and all so they can use it against me...HELP!!!

RE: Scheduled for my IME... - Regrets - 05-29-2010

You can Ask for Someone Closer, but They Must want this Dr. for a Reason. If You have to Fly, You can get Rides on Golf Cart Like Vehicles at the Airports to get You from Gate to Gate, and then to baggage and a Taxi. I Believe You can Call ahead and Request This.If You Have an Attorney Contact Them after the Holiday and try and get an IME Closer. Best of Luck!Wink

You can also Ask Them to Drive You, I've had that Done Twice, the First in a Limo, and the Second in a '09 Land Rover. They will stop and Let You Walk when needed. Let Them know if You do This You are still going to need a Motel for the Evening as You could Never Travel 12 Hours in One Day!

RE: Scheduled for my IME... - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 05-29-2010

Show your doctor this letter also. Ask the doctor if it is safe for you, and your health to make the trip. If the doctor states no, you need to ask for a written report stating that. Supply that copy of the report to your attorney, then to the IC. At such time, your attorney makes a request for an IME closer to you.

RE: Scheduled for my IME... - inpainokla - 05-29-2010

if you do end up going to the ime 6 hours away the flight wont be nearly that long and usually airports have wheelchairs if i was in that kinda shape i would wheel myself everywhere just remember the sooner you get the ime done the sooner you are to haveing worc comp out of your may cause a lil pain but i one would think it would be worth it to get a lil closer to geting out of of luck to you