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Summer time - grumpyone - 05-21-2010

Woot 100 degrees thank goodness for the pool, also really helps take the pressure off my back and legs. Hope everyone has a safe and happy painless summer or at least less pain.

RE: Summer time - Regrets - 05-22-2010

Thanks Grumpy One!! I Finally got My Central Air Fixed, We haven't Hit 100 Yet, but I have Skylights that Heat this House up Quick on even a Day in the 70's! Sure Wish I Had a Pool, Enjoy it, and Relax!!Smile

RE: Summer time - Bummer Knees - 05-22-2010

We opened our pool last week, the water is still to cold to swim.

Ours is a doughboy 16x33 aboveground wirh a pool deck and slide for the kiddos.

I like doing water exercises and am anxious for the water to heat up.