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Incorrect IME - Saving Grace - 04-24-2010


A month ago I was send to an IME for a work related injury. The report says (as I suppose many will not be surprised) that my current complaints and aggravation of my situation are not related to the initial work injury, so the doctor, despite the pain and all other findings sends me back to normal duty without any restrictions.

I have a lawyer and he didn't inform me when he received the report - 2 weeks ago, and now, after I have received it, I found many discrepancies of how the doctor interpreted the medical history, subjective history and data (X-rays, MRIs), and he didn't put all the complaints and facts relevant to my injury and its aggravations that I told him during the exam. I haven't been able to discuss this with my lawyer, I always deal with his answering machine.

I want to write a letter to the IME doctor with corrections to his report. Is it good thing to do? I am concerned about my health. My job was already very hard with old restrictions, and now without restrictions, I am afraid to think about it.


RE: Incorrect IME - Saving Grace - 04-24-2010

Oh, I forgot to add, that the IME doctor believes that I had already significant regenerative changes at the time of the injury and therefor, whatever are the consequences today are due to that previous situations than to the work injury.

RE: Incorrect IME - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 04-24-2010

State is what?

Injury to what and where?

You don't write a IME your attorney does, but the attorney would rather do a Depostion on the IME doctor.

IME's don't write about your complaints and such, as they are not your treating doctor, they are there only to give their medical opinion, and generally nothing more. As the IME report will show, the doctor wrote it was to their medical opinion.

RE: Incorrect IME - 1171 - 04-24-2010

the IME is not concerned with your interpretations or corrections. If you want to correct the medical record you should go over it with your treating doctor and have him write a rebuttal report.
wait for your atty to formulate a strategy.