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Very important question? - Sunshine7 - 04-23-2010

When I saw my last PMD on March 12th I believe, I started asking him what nerve or nerves are damaged? What is going on with the tear in the fiber capsular that is leaking fluid? How much bone decay do I have? He sighed put his clip board down then said "I really hate to repeat myself, I've gone over the nerve damage and you have sever bone decay!" at that time my husband asked him if he was comprehending as well as I do, he didn't mean it in a bad way, I have a hard time understanding anymore, the PMD stood up from accross the room and said are you insulting me? I couldn't believe it, I couldn't believe he would think that, that tore me up, then he said we have no relationship any more, he walked out of the room without giving me my meds. My father in-law had to take me all the way to Beverly hills to his office there when I was out of meds. then they still made me wait about 10 min. for perscription, my attrney. said they are going to stop my benifets because QME report, and he also said my employer is letting me go but he said he does not have those papers yet, I have caught my attrney in several lies I am worried if people are getting paid off to do this to me and my family, that is what it feels like to me this is my opinion only! Thanks for your replies! I live in Ca.

RE: Very important question? - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 04-23-2010

Sunshine, your attorney isn't getting paid off. But the attorney sure seems to know alot more then you at this time. It would be better that you ask the attorney just what is going on, as they surly do know.

You also need to know what the QME stated, do you know, or have a copy, if not get it, or ask for it?

RE: Very important question? - 1171 - 04-23-2010

whether there's a payoff or not, if you don't trust your atty you should search for new one.

oops, I see you have your 3rd atty.

RE: Very important question? - Sunshine7 - 04-23-2010

Yes I had my Attrney. fax it to me:
Physical Examination: On physical examination, this was a well-developed, well-nourished 36-year-old female. who did not seem to be in acute pain or distress.
Examination of the right ankle and right foot: She had extreme emotional response after touching her right foot and right ankle very gently which was excessive in nature. On physical examination of the right ankle and foot, there was no superficial abrasion or laceration. On direct pressure, there was no pain or tenderness over the distal end of the medial or lateral malleolus. He states he checked my range of motion and there was nothing wrong, and yet he never checked my range of motion!
Impression: 1. Status post crush injury of the right great toe and foot (Work related, Resolved).
2. Malingering.
Also he states that since my 1st attrney sent me to a chiro. I was not seriously injured, and since i went to work for about 5 days after injury there was nothing wrong with me in the first place, my attrney told me I had to so did the doctors, he also states I'm mentally messed up before injury and I should of paid for a phsyc. on my own, that I basically am lying about everything but he never mentioned My husband took our bar stool for me to work and I was in pain the whole time, or he never mentioned my MRI which shows nerve damage and a tear in my capsular, and so on, this is so not right!

RE: Very important question? - 1171 - 04-23-2010

you don't seem to have anyone on your side and you've already had 3 attys.
maybe you are right and should get out of the system as soon possible.
Have your atty make a settlement offer.

RE: Very important question? - Sunshine7 - 04-23-2010

Why do you believe me something is just not right?
I am so scared right now that I'll be in pain for the rest of my life and there is nothing I can do about it! Wheel chair bound is what my last PMD stated on his report!
Do I need to send something in to the wcb to challenge what the QME said or does my attrney do that?
I am not going to let them do this to my family! I have always been a dedicated, hard working, dependable, respected employee at every job I have had, when I worked at Subway the Owner begged me not to move and he wanted to make me a manager after 4 months, I worked at Wal-mart as a night stacker I did 4 dept. a night pluss break packs, end caps, pull from bins when it took 2 people to do 2 depts. I was hired at Wal-mart in or. for the same job and on the third night they had me training new employee's, I also worked at a gas station in NM. and in 3 months the manager asked me to be her assistant manger. I have always enjoyed working, cleaning, cooking, people, but not any more, I am tired of lies from people I think I can trust, and everything my family has lost because of this, I am not giving up, I will not let there lies win over the truth I have God on my side!

RE: Very important question? - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 04-23-2010

You said you caught your attorney in lies? What lies were they?

RE: Very important question? - ace25 - 04-23-2010

Sunshine7 Wrote:I have God on my side!

Maybe you should take him to your next doctors appointment. Big Grin

Seriously, I think 1171 is right. If everyone is against you, doctors, multiple attorneys, your employer.... you should probably find an exit strategy.

RE: Very important question? - freebird - 04-23-2010

I think you need to settle ASAP and move on. So many problems and everyone is always wrong and everyone is against you.

Maybe your "next move" should be with a psychiatrist. The mind is a powerful thing.

May I ask, What are you wanting or what are your expectations? You do realize the goal is not to get you to your original pre injury status BUT to get you to a point where you are at MMI whether its at medium work or sedentary work.

Have you had a FCE? If so, what did that report say about malingering or your job classification?

RE: Very important question? - Sunshine7 - 04-23-2010

Thank you that is a beautiful song, that made my day!Cool what is FCE?