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cervical fusion and discectomy questions - BooBoosNeck - 04-16-2010

I would like it if some of you could tell me how it went having a cervical fusion (two levels) and/or a discectomy? Do you feel it helped a little, a lot or not at all? I need to make a decision about which I want or even maybe have both of them.

RE: cervical fusion and discectomy questions - tpm - 04-17-2010

Hello BooBoo
Everyone and situation is different. I have had 2 surgeries, the first being a 2 level fusion with hardware. The second being an additional level fused with instrumentation to give me a C4-7 fusion in my neck. In my case it hasn't helped due to continued pain plus a failed fusion. But again I know of people that were helped by it. If you don't trust your doctor get a second or third opinion

RE: cervical fusion and discectomy questions - blake - 04-19-2010

i have a c5 c6 fusion w hardware and it was good for about a year but know im right back to where i started, i have disc problems above and below the fusion with radiculapthy. the arm neck and hand pain is back with severve headaches. good luck if u do it some people are lucky. iam also having alot of scar tissue issuse

RE: cervical fusion and discectomy questions - Bad Boy Bad Boy - 04-19-2010

My very first 3 level cervical fusion came out great, in fact right out of the recovery room I could tell the big difference, and the pain was gone. You will see many with good, to fair, and even poor results. You just have to do what you must do. Search deep inside yourself for that answer.

Ask your Doctor and your Surgeon this question... What could happen if I don't have this surgery? Wait for answer. Then you tell me what was said.