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Full Version: Spinal cord stimulators have a 30%-40% complication rate
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While this procedure is often times described by doctors as minor it is still a spinal surgery. My suggestion before having one off these implanted you visit a failed spinal cord stimulator group and see what those patients experienced. I did and it was shocking, and speaking of shocking many were shocked by their devices and some even when it was turned off. One patient stated the device cooked his insides including lungs and some organs. Other complications included increase in pain paralysis and even death.

I think a 30%-40% complication rate may not be accurate as many complications go unreported. Even so, this is extremely high and I don't see how they can have these on the market.
Wow... I knew that a high number of people with spinal cord stimulators have to have corrective surgeries for their device (don't quote me but I remember it being something like 25%). As someone who is considering one of these this was a major concern considering on-going treatment. After reading this post I'm going to have to have a talk with my doctor with this.

Thank you very much for this information