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Full Version: For injured workers who are going through a difficult time
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I am attaching a youtube video of a scene in a movie that always brings a smile to my face, no matter how many times I see it.

I have been receiving pm's from injured workers who are having extreme difficulties right now coping with what is going on in their claim and I also recently received one who is doing well.

It saddens me to read how these claims affect people, financially, physically and emotionally. Please know that these claims are not who you are. You had a work injury and some have catastrophic life changing injuries. Wherever you are with this try to continue to live your life and have relationships and continued happiness. Try to do something everyday for yourself that brings you happiness, no matter how small. Do not isolate yourself from others. While it may feel like it at the time, life is not over for anyone who has an an injury. Many will have to change or modify things in their life but it is not over for you.

Maybe others can join this link and post songs that have made them happy or inspire about you Jayne, or you 1171?

I am a product of the 80's and anything from that time period makes me smile...Duran Duran, Billy Idol, Prince....
Jennifer Grey who in 2010 won Dancing With The Stars is also one of us chronic pain sufferers from whiplash after a car wreck in 1987.
I believe self-help and reaching out to other resources can mitigate the difficulties of living with an injury.
In my work comp experience, pain induced depression and its consequences are a common obstacle to recovery from serious injury and illness.
depression robs a person of their control over their own life. doing something to recognize and fight depression is a good first step in regaining control
acknowledging that one is depressed and taking steps to reduce its impact is an important first step.
using something as simple as webmd as a learning tool is good starting point:
Kev-b I think her surgeon is in Orange County...

Thank you 1171.
That why this side of the forum was made for those of us that just needed a friend cuz you will find one of the first things you loose after your injury is your " friends" work friends are told not to talk to you and lets face it when your in pain you are not much fun, when you don't have the money to go and do your not much fun. And if the injury goes on long enough your family also starts to leave you. So you all come back her and make fun for Admin in the old days he would never go longer than an hour or so without checking in to see if 1171 and I had blew up his site! many times he shut us down for 24 hours to cool us off. I do believe 1171 is getting to old to pick at me and lets face it at I am old and banged up bad. but invite the newbys from the other side to come over and lets see what we can do to raise some hell, with the elections coming up I can take an extra B-12 shot and give 1171 a run for his money
Jane you are adorable.

I am glad you mentioned the part about the employers who do not allow employees to have contact with those who go out on an injury. This is a very common rule with most large employers. Often times the injured worker is not aware of this rule and does not understand why their co-workers will not talk to them.

When my employees would go out on an injury I was told not to have any contact with them. This was upsetting to me because I was concerned about them. This is a horrible rule for employers to have and in my opinion counter productive to getting people back to work.
comes from a lot of places I brought my best friend in to work with me when the last worker moved so I lost my best friend and co worker it was hard that lace was my life. One thing is they couldn't run it without me and the help of my family so they had to shut it down....
I don't remember ever having seen Pete Puma in any Bugs' other cartoons......
must not have caught on
the coyote and the road runner were a better duo......
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