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Full Version: Back to school time
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Well I don't know about anybody else but it just doesn't seem like it should be back to school time yet. Maybe it is because we have had this cooler weather so it doesn't feel like we had summer yet. It will be nice to have them at school but sometimes it is harder because you have to plan to be home which means no doctors appts later in the day and things like that. Now it will also be nice to help with the food budget because the kids get free lunch and our school has breakfast to so that is 10 meals a week we can save on. These little things can really help.
With our youngest now at his college dorm, we will also save on water bill,electric bill and the grocery bill.
On the flip side, after paying for tuition, it would have been cheaper for him to just stay at home
Got 2 out of college, and one still in the military. Only one of ours is still in school and he is starting the 8th grade. We also have 2 grandchildren that live with us. My 8th grader was at an encampment back in July and we got very lucky he got a sponsor to attend or we might not have been able to send him, but when we picked him up I told them it might be cheaper to pay the fee to have them keep him. But they said one week is long enough
My youngest started his sophomore year of high school this year.
Well the kids had their first full day yesterday and now they will get out early the next 2 days because of the heat. Figures it would get hot once school started
Yep. It's warm. It's already 96 here and going to have a heat index today of 118.
It was nice this morning, 72 out but it is slowly warming up. Suppose to hit 90 but the heat index is going to be around 100. Last hot day here was my birthday July 22. The county has not seen a 90 degree day this year so I guess that will be over today. I hate it when it gets this hot I just sit inside with the air on, means I don't move around much and makes me hurt even that much more
Yes, I hear you about moving around. By 7am, I would have been outside for a jog, back in and showered and going to work.
Now I'm lucky to be able to hobble into the bathroom even with spouses help.
Tempted to cut the leg off with a dull knife.......