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So what does that mean to you guys? Maybe I should add this is what the handbook for voc rehab says they need to pay for during this process. My voc rehab is wanting me to attend an hour and a half class on MIcrosoft Word at a public library but they say they don't have to pay mileage. Now this is in the same town I do this rehab in and it is 3 towns away from me. They are also claiming they don't have to pay mileage for our meets which are normally a 54 mile round trip for me.

Maybe an even worse part is she said once I attend this class she is going to add Microsoft Office skills to my resume. Don't think an hour and a half class on word and a local library is going to teach me very much at all but we will she what she puts down. Spoke with lawyer and he says don't worry about the class because IF I would get an interview and we talk about this he didn't see anybody talking this as any kind of real training. When I did go into one of those temp places back when this all started they asked me about typing and computer skills because they would normally test for this and once we talked about it they skipped giving me the test.
incidental expenses

I don't know why they would say this wouldn't be covered... My understanding of incidental expenses is something that you pay out of pocket and then get refunded, and as far as mileage if this is part of your voc it would be covered. If wc approved this person in that town for voc rehab they have to pay mileage and further more if it falls in the time line lunch should be reimbursted..
Manley I was enrolled in the Microsoft Office course at our local college a few years ago. This was a semester long course. One section of the course was Microsoft Word.

The Microsoft Word section of the course covered the following:
1. What's new in word.
2.Document Collaboration
3. Touring the word workplace
4. Creating and printing a document from start to finish
5. Editing Text
5. Formatting a word document

The word section of class was a 45 days and a 3 hour class once a week.

90 minutes of word is more like attending a workshop with just a briefing of what word is.

Just the toolbar section of the class I was in was 2 weeks.

Learning about word is not easy especially if you are in pain. I received a B in this class which dropped my 4.0 overall grade point average
Bummer that is what I'm thinking. They have always said they were not going to spend a dime on re-training me for anything and this is a free class. But in such a short time I'm not even sure it will be a briefing. If anybody asks a question and they spend anytime answering it the time will be up.

If she does put this on my resume as more then that I think it will only look bad on them.
She wants to change up my resume and get a newer date on it then 2008 is one of the main things. And that is the date I last worked. She talked about changing the dates so they didn't show months and I told her they all ready only say the year so that didn't help her. She also tells me that just because they list the requirements for a job does not mean you have to be able to do that.

What they don't understand is I would not be hurting any more then now if they stopped payments. My SSDI would go up, I would get on medicaid so that would cover what medicare doesn't and we would get food stamps. And I would not have to waste time and gas money to do this rehab.
A 1 1/2 hour course is not going to help much.

Would they be willing to pay for a summer class at your local college near where you live? They are usually 6 weeks.

I think it is wrong to add that to your resume from a 1 1/2 hour class. Your voc rehab person is basically attempting to be dishonest on your resume. Being dishonest on an application or resume is grounds for termination later. I know she is trying to help you but this may hurt you later. I am not aware of the laws in your state, but this seems like a scam.
I agree with California.
If this gets added to the resume make sure it reads you attended a workshop on Microsoft Word.

This should not be listed under education on the resume because it is not education. It should be added under other training and then read: Attended a 90 minute workshop on Microsoft Word.

This will not carry any weight with employment.
Called and talked with my lawyer about it right after my meeting and I think that is what he is thinking as well. This has been going on for 17 months so I think the company is really putting pressure on her to get something done. She has been applying for jobs for me to make things look better in the job search. Don't think she has thought about the fact she has been giving me the proof at every meeting that she has been doing this so.
Have you checked the library in your town? Many libraries and also the city offers these type of classes for free. Some go a lot and actually do learn something from attending numerous times. I do agree with bummerknees that you should write what that was correctly on your resume.

There may be financial help available for a city college due to disability. This would be a real class.

Either way I wish you luck.
I live in a small town of 2000. We have a library but they only have 2 computers and pretty much busy with kids most of the summer. I've never seen any classes there. Our schools offered some classes a few years ago but they were the same thing. Only an hour or two and just enough to show you how to get started.

The gal asked me what incidental expense I was asking about because the class is free. I said the cost of fuel in the way of mileage. Also got to thinking even if she thinks this is just a good start I would need them to buy the program for me to use. Yes there are free programs but they are not the same.

Here ya go Manny. Good free online classes here.
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