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Full Version: Cervical Headaches
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Jayne these freaking headaches are killing me anymore. I have them everyday, ane u know how they can last. What does everyone do for them?
C_F I wish I had a cure but there are days I over medicate and just sleep. I know how much I can take or should I say how much my body can take and still not die, I find Xanax works best if I want to stay awake with the rice sock a BC powder taken with water If I catch it soon enough but sometimes its just drugs and sleep. I wonder the nerves in our neck that cause the headaches cant they clip em when they do the surgeries? I know it is probley a dumb question but I would rather do numb that these headaches.
I do not always recognize the start of a cervical headache so when the headache becomes full force it is to late to get the full effect of the medication.

The home treatment I use is a herbal heat pack per the microwave, tens unit, massage chair with no vibration, (vibration sends me into a migraine every time) and medication which is a last resort in most cases.

In related news, I saw the surgeon today for the right arm & hand/shoulder. I though I was having shoulder pain but it was confirmed to be related to the neck, a nerve conduction test was recommended. I did learn that an elbow joint replacement is in my future. I did not know there was such a thing!
I wear dark sunglasses whenever I am outside.
Ice on the back of my neck, and lie down when they start, sometimes helps them from getting out of hand

Having a headach like that is a horrible pain.
Hell all I have to do is turn my head at times and they are in full force, so trying to stop them before they happen to start is out of the question.
Cf I had the head turning thing before the cervical surgery so I understand what you are saying.
C_F I believe a cervical headache is right up there with childbirth on the pain scale,except when its over you don't have to raise it for 30 years
30 years?

And I thought I was finished when they were 18 yrs!
nope Becca will be 30 in Dec and she still lives at home....well kinda she has her own Cabin built on our farm,the one the church built for Mom and Dad.
I have a 28 year one still hanging around, but not living here, but gets her mail here, and we take care of car insurance, life insurance and cell phone. So still attached
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