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Full Version: Reminder: Solicitations On This Board are PROHIBITED
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Reminder: Solicitations On This Board are PROHIBITED - admin

Recently we have seen a rash of posts promoting or soliciting for particular businesses and law firms. They are generally disguised as requests for help, but include links to business websites, and are obviously veiled attempts to capitalize on the enormous popularity of this website.

We do not allow this practice, as it is not ethical, and not fair to our advertisers; the people who contribute to this site and keep it available for all. Legitimate companies do not behave in such a manner.

We make every attempt to eliminate these posts once they occur, and appreciate those who take the time to report these threads to us. We would also suggest, if a post is obviously deceptive in its intent, that a complaint to the state Better Business Bureau or the appropriate state bar association might be in order.

Please be advised if you do attempt these types of posts, you do so in violation of the terms you agreed to when you registered, and such activity is completely at your own risk. Thank you.