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Gathering WC Issues....

Think about it...the book is already written. It's located right here on the new and archived forum. All one needs to do is compile the information, edit, and turn it into a Workers' Comp Internet Book for all to read free of charge. Admin can provide a space above the Archived Forum just for this special book. Think about it--this is a win-win situation for all concerned. Afterall, when one gets hurt do they have the mindful urge or the cash to rush out to Books-A-Million to buy a Workers' Comp Guide? Nope...they usually seek out forums like this one.

Wink, as always you have great ideas. This is a good way to have information easily accessable that is in a down to earth, heart felt language that explains what workmans compensation is about and then uses the stories as examples to illustrate points.

This removes the issues that my lawyer discussed with me today. It gives us a goal to focus on and I believe help everyone on here who works on it, something to feel a lot of pride and confidence about. It is not physical work, so it will not interfer with a person's injury. It will meet the immediate needs of an IW for fast and reliable easy to read information. It takes away the concern about money and earnings.

However, what it will not due is earn any money to set up a means to go to Washington DC, which is a large goal, but a possible goal. It does not get us on the OW show to promote a book and it does not provide information to the working American Public that would encourage them to become active in changing the laws about the system.

So we have more ideas and more information. I believe that what Wink has suggested is the way to go for now. Lets start there and then move from little dent we make. What do you all think?

Chris, thank you for your offer. We will need everyone who is willing to bring this together.
Carol (red)

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

I know this has been a long time, I dont remember how I came accross this thread, but am just wondering what became of the book idea.......?

Bronco, WC book for me is just a journal of my adventures on a day to day basis. It's on the shelf for now.

I've started writing a murder mystery instead but am having trouble since recently an unexpected twist happened and I will have to rethink the outline. It's also based on my WC story. LOL!!!!!

Oh, reading this thread again has brought me to tears. :-(

Let Go, and Let God......

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