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Proof of the season

Wanted to share a story to proof God is the reason for the season. Two days ago my wife got a call from our church. They said they had a somebody that wanted to help a family with Christmas and they thought of us. They had a few questions that she answered then hung up and told me about it. She was thinking they were talking about a local family that wanted to help but she got a call yesterday from them. Turns out this was a local group of lawyers that wanted to help somebody at Christmas. They called a church at random and spoke with one of the pastors who in turn spoke with the youth director and she thought of us. Not sure how all this will go but this lawyer told my wife they were going to make this Christmas the best my son had ever had.
I lost my mom on the Thursday before Thanksgiving 13 years ago. The day before she past I was over watching her so my dad could get into town and get a few things done. Sitting there I ask God for one thing that Christmaa and it was for her to be there to enjoy it. Well that didn't happen and I've not been into Christmas since. I didn't open one gift that year and have never wanted any since. This sole act has reminded me what Christmas should be.
Thank you Lord for such giving people. The favor will be returned a million times over.

I'm a Very Firm Believer that Everything in Life Comes Full-Circle!! At some Point in Time, You Must have Reached Out to Someone in Need, and now it's Coming Back to You in this Form!! Call it Faith, Karma, or Any Other Name, but I Truly Believe You Reap what You Sew (SP)! I'm Very Happy for You Manley, You have Blessed and are Being Blessed, isn't Life a Wonderful Thing, if You Look for the Good!!Smile

I have to share this meeting.The group stopped by about 4 today and I have to say this was way more then my wife and I expected. Not only do I believe my son will have the best Christmas his mom and I will too. This reminds us there are still people in this world that care for others it's just in this day we don't seem to see it very much. God bless not only this group that came into my home and helped to make this the most wonderful Christmas but bless all those out there that that are doing this very same thing all over this season. Because I'm sure there are others, just maybe not as kind as this group was to my family. Remember to stop atleast once this Christmas and remember God and thank him for all he has done for us.

it really makes you proud doesnt it Bubba....remember this feeling and when your able give it to someone else....I loved my work with the salvation army it was such a honor to be able to touch someones life in a positive way.

........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


Yes this will be pasted on in some way and as many times as I can

cool that is what it is all about

........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


I feel so alive this year and I've already been a little sad thinking how quick it will be over now. Maybe I've just been so depressed this year and that is why it feels so good but I don't care right now. Everybody enjoy the season and remember to think of God

It may of taken 13 yrs but obviously someone has been praying over you, for you to once again see the blessing of this season.
Thank you for sharing

In this battle with WC my new family here has helped remind me there are people out there that still care. That has helped so much this year and I don't want to forget to thank each member here. I know even the ones that might not reply all the time have been here in prayer. Thanks to all

In have been coming here for 8 months, just reading mostly, I had to reply to this one. I have not felt any Christmas cheer at all, but Manley2 your last statement brought tears to my eyes and joy in my heart. I think I can make it though the holidays now with a little happier heart.

I feel like I know most you the people on here, I relate to so many of you. Thanks and wishing you all a Merry Holiday. Nancy

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