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Injuried finger

I smashed the tip of right ring finger (dominant hand) on 3/13/2007 and I been out of work since. I have a doctors appointment on the 24 of july (to discuss having the fingertip amputated cause the pain) , I have already had pins in my fingers and that didnt really connect the bone back the way it was suppose to go. and the docs been just writing me slips not to work with my ring hand at all. (but I could do light duty) but my temp company doesnt have any. so now the insurance company told my lawery that it would stop paying benifits after the 7/15/2007 cause they said that was my maxium improvement date. My doctor has never told me about that date, so Im wondering what info the insurer is using. cause that aint right. I live in MD and I would like it if anyone can give me some information. Will the company end up paying, cause to my knowledge I didnt do anything wrong. I dont know how they got that maxium improvement date. another question, what if I just live with the pain and dont get the finger amputated. what would that cause

thank you anyone that can help

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