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I am so proud of my kids

Yesterday when I stopped in my sons house to see how everything was going with the wedding. I noticed that all of my kids had bandages on their arms. When I questioned them they said. "We went and donated blood at the blood drive". Now these kids are scared to death of needles and I didn't think any of them would ever volunteer to give blood. Josh the groom told me they were all going to donate blood because if others hadn't given blood last year, Dad (Dave) ,would have died if others hadn't donated blood and saved him when he needed 7 pints after surgery last year. I am so proud of them I could cry. Backache.



I too would be very proud!

way to go..............we are not allowed to give anymore as we were in Europe during mad cow....shame too as I have AB+ as well as 2 of my kids and one of my adopted daughters has 0-

........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


That is a great story,,,,,,, And we sometimes think that our kids never listened to us as they were growing up.......... You should be very proud of them. You have taught them well.

they dont want mine either ,i had that rh stuff with my last one so i went and was tested so i could be on standby if needed well they didntwant mine it didnt have what was needed to do that !!

worry changes nothing prayer changes every thing

You should be Very Proud Dear!! You've got a Great Bunch There!!Smile

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