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Any football fans out there?

This article is very interesting. It has to do with how the NFL Disability plan has failed injured football players of the past. Hard to believe that Hall of famers could be living in their car. You need to read through the links in the article.

"The Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund Hosts NFL Congressional Hearing Forum On Retired Players"


I was so surprised the first time I heard about NFL players being disabled and unable to afford to live without assistance. When I thought about it a little it made sense. First of all they have a great chance of being disabled from their line of work. Football would not be an easy job! The second thing is that not all football players made millions of dollars. Years ago they didn't make as much money and the rookies that get hurt aren't making a lot.
I feel for anyone that is injured, but imagine being as active and tough as athletes are and then having to live out your life with limited mobility or none at all.

Not really a football fan, myself, BillyBubba, but I do feel for those past player's awful plight--players who were looked upon as heroes by many - young and old alike - only to be forsaken by the owners and the NFL once their bodies wore out. In olden days the players played for the sake of the game, and any admiration and fame they acquired along the way was frosting on their cake for just loving the game; most were humbled, I'm sure. I think they deserve and should receive any help they need, for afterall, they played an important part in building and strengthening our american culture. I think now, finally, something good is in store for them.

Yep, I read that when it first came out!! I'm a die-hard football fan!! I live for football.....even the kids have learned that when football season starts mamma is there!!! LOL We don't schedule anything for game days!! Everyone knows where I'll be!
It is indeed terrible that even the NFL doesn't take care of their own. I felt like writing a letter to the commission, but thought maybe I wouldn't be the best to write such so I let it go, but it's still in the back of my mind. You'd think that they could at least take care of them and do what's needed. Wouldn't you? Of course, with WC the way it is......is it any wonder that it's the way it is???

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