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Still in Limbo's pets.

Hi all, I tried this once and it did'nt work, here goes another try. Limbo asked me to put a picture of his dog Lucy and cat Kat on here.
Hopefully it works this time.

[Image: 25i3rdg.jpg]

Take care

What a neat picture. Still did you get them knowing they were the same color ?.
Lucy is a sweetheart.

How Cute!

I will have to how my niece, she is 15 yrs and wants to be a small animal vet.

now thats a pair of cuties

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Thanks Everyone, and Tuffy, the Kat is 2 Years Older than Lucy, so it just seemed to Happen that way. Around July/August of '07 I knew that My House Dog Lucky was starting to have a lot of Medical Issues, and I was Speaking to My Father about it, and I told Him I knew I was going to Probably have to have Him Put down soon. My Father has a Blond Miniature Cocker, and He knew it was going to Hit My Family and I Hard when We had to Put Lucky Down, We had Him for 16 Years and He was a Great Dog. So My Father knew that a Nurse at One of His Dr.'s had a Male Blond Cocker, and came up with an Excuse to have them Bred, and I went with Him when He took Lilly for the Breeding. I told Him no More Dogs, because of the Hurt I have had, ( I had to Put down another Great Dog Years Earlier) and He just kind of Smiled. He knew Dam* Well when I saw these Pups I would want One, and He was Right, Oddly Enough, Lucky made it until the Day After Christmas before I had to Take Him to the Vet to be Put Down,and the Pups were Born on the Same Day!! My Daughter picked out Lucy from the Litter, and Named Her Lucy, Lucky without a K. So that's the Story of Lucy, and Kat was My Daughters that stayed with Us when She Moved, so He's Ours Now!!Smile

Thanks Vickie for Putting the Pictures on, as said I'm not too Good at that Kind of Stuff!!Smile

Stilll ...Lucy definitely looks at home...she is adorable. The cat I think allows Lucy to think that she is in control in the home...but it is clear that the cat is in charge... just teasing, but that is what entered my mind the first time I saw this picture...they are so cute together... love Red

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Too cute!

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Your welcome Limbo, I was glad to be able to get the picture on here. I think they are adorable pets and just love little Lucy. When I stayed at your home during my trip, I was so surprised when she came into the room that I was sleeping in and slept with me for awhile during her "rounds", she sure is an attentive dog and as sweet as can be. Thank you for allowing us to enjoy them.

Very cute pets Still. The cat looks like a loud purring lap cat. Tongue

Let Go, and Let God......

Awwwwwwww ! They are adorable, and I bet extremely spoiled!
LillyBig Grin

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