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Work Restrictions

I saw the doctor today and due to my back injury he placed me on sednetary work restrictions with frequently changing positions.

I am looking for information on what this means??

my attempt:
works primarily in a sitting position with a minimum of physcial activity. has the opportunity to move about and reposition their posture as necessary.

Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.

Bummer, I know in Pa., Sedentary Entails some of the below, I May have Missed a Point or Two, but it will give You a General Idea:

1. No Lifting Usually Over 10-20lbs

2. Limited or no Bending Reaching, or Stooping

3. The Ability to Move around as Needed

4. Setting and Standing are Usually Limited

5. Limited Hours May also be Applicable

I am Actually Less than Sedentary, My Max Lifting is 5lbs. Occasionally, 1lb. Continuously, No Bending, Stooping, Lifting and Setting/Standing No More than 15 Minutes at a Time without changing Positions. Unfortunately in Pa. there is not a "Less than Sedentary Category" but as it Turns Out I have been Deemed Totally Disabled not Only by My Dr., but also by a w/c Judge. Hope this has Helped!!Wink

Thank you Still In Limbo ans 1171.

My doctor thought the nurse gave me the paper work explaining sednetary work restrictions.

Next time I am in town I will stop by the office and get the paper work.

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