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Lost Posts

Last night I posted a favorite Christmas carol post, and a couple of days ago I posted something else. I always go back and make sure my posts are on before I leave the site. I wonder if I violated some code or something. Weird!

Let Go, and Let God......

not you chris,,,,,,sometimes I think they just go into cyberspace,,,,,repost

........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


thats happened to me before also, but i thought maybe i was just losing my mind!

We haven't taken anything off recently (and have never had reason to remove one of CC's posts!), and are not aware of any system problems. Make sure you are actually submitting a post, and not just previewing it. If you preview it and move on without hitting "Post Reply" it will not be added to the system.

Ok, It was probably me. I don't take any of the heavy meds, but even the safe meds make me loopy. Tongue

Let Go, and Let God......

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