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I think I now hate cats...

Now now Jayne -- you know you love your kitties Big Grin

Monster -- try putting some neosporin on the bite mark. I bet your cat was just wanting to play with you. Angel does all the time and you should see my arms and hands from her and ET. (Angel still has front claws Sad ) Anyway -- I have learned when Angel is in the mood to play, I get my hands under a blanket and wrestle with her that way. Also it helps if you have those feather tossers for your cat -- or even a laser light so that they get their exercise that way.

Another easy thing - is an old belt from a robe that you can put between your toes while you walk around the house or even hold on to and walk around with it and let the cat chase it. So many different things to get a cat's energy out so they aren't attacking your hand/arm when they want to play. (Also teach them when you say "OUCH" it's enough and eventually you can control it when you are playing with them. Angel knows that word now and when I say it she will let loose and take back her claws.)

BTW Angel is 17 yrs old and I think is in her 2nd or 3rd kittenhood. lol She plays like a little kitten at times, but she is also a loving cat and wants all the attention, she doesn't like to share her momma with the other cats and only gives up to the puppy at times.

I am telling you all I HATE CATS....well except for mine

........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......


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